Construction Company

Company Grande Trivić was founded in 2000 under the name Groundwork “Trivić”.
After reorganization of our Company in 2005 we became a Limited Liability Company. Pursuant to this a Company’s name has been changed to “Grande Trivić” doo and civil engineering became our primary activity.
We try to achieve the highest level of quality with continuous improvement of our staff, modernization of business processes and following the world trends in all areas of our work. Additional success of the company happened in 2010 when we added to the scope of our services the separation of gravel which produces all kinds of fractions.
We are proud to mention that Grande Trivić employs thirty-two employees and records a constant growth of employees per year.
The seat of the company is in Boškovići
We have a business unit in Banja Luka and branch offices in Belgrade and Ljubljana.

During the first decade of business, we achieved successful cooperation with numerous domestic and foreign partners. The best guarantee of our quality is very extensive reference list of satisfied customers.

Reference list:

  • OBI Centar Banjaluka
  • Car Centar Nešković, Nešković Insurance and Gas station Nešković in:
    • Banjaluka – Lazarevo and Rebrovac
    • Trn
  • Hotel Paša, Klašnice
  • Frutela, Banjaluka – Lazarevo
  • IMLEK, Laktaši
  • Residential building Horizont, Banjaluka
  • Unicoop Trade, Laktaši
  • SINYU Iberica, Banjaluka
  • Mozaik Trade, Banjaluka